Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: 450 pgs

This fantasy filled action packed book is a great read! The book is called Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by JK Rowling. Harry Potter is young boy trying to find his place in the world when he is suddendly introduced to magic in the first book. In the Prisoner of Azkaban Harry is at his Aunt and Uncles house and Harry’s other aunt comes for a visit. Harry becomes angry with her and inflates her by accident.  Later that night he goes on the night bus to go back to Hogwarts. He heres about a man name Black that escaped from jail. He overheres Ron’s family talking about Black trying to find Harry and kill him. Later in the school year Black tries to break into Gryfindor to find Harry. What do you think will happen? Will Harry be killed? Will Black find him and kill him? Read to find out.

My favorite character is definetly Harry! If someone where to come up to me and tell me that I am a wizard, then I would be flabergasted. His parents were both killed by another wizard when he was a baby and now that same dark wizard is trying to find Harry and kill him. The kid is only thirteen I don’t know how he can take all this. He also steps up in the biggest situations!

Cracker By Cynthia Kadohata: 350

     I am reading Cracker By Cynthia Kadohata right now. It is a great historical fiction book to read. Cracker is about a very intellegent and fiesty dog named Cracker that first lives with an owner named Willie. WIllie and Cracker have been best friends ever since they have met. They have to be seperated because at their apartment they live in, they do not allow dogs. So a military officer is sent to pick her up to go to Vietnam. Cracker is confused what she is doing. At first she thinks she is just at the vet but then she realizes she’s never coming back. She then meets her next owner named Rick in training. Rick is from a small town and is very handy in his workshop. At first they hate each other. When Rick tries to train her she does not listen. They slowly start getting better and become great friends. They are great compainions. They then start to beat everyone in training. After training they are sent off to Vietnam. Do you think they will survive?

     In this novel Cracker changes a lot over time. In a usual dogs life they stay at home and are just play with their owners. No dog is going to automaticully turn in to an Vietnam Dog. At home Cracker would play around in his house and not have a care in the world. When he goes to Vietnam he is forced to adapt. He has to go from play at home dog to a finder and fighter dog. He started going through lessons with Rick and slowly starts to change into a great Vietnam dog. When he had first got their he was the lowest dog in his class because he did not obey. But just in a couple of weeks Cracker could do anything from finding bombs to finding people. He was the best dog in the class at the end of training.

Matt Christoper Snowboard Showdown: Pages:180

I have just finished a really good sports genre book. It is called Snowboard Showdown by Matt Christopher. Swishhhh. Swooosshhh. Swishhh. Voooop was the sound the two competitive brothers snowboards on the soft, white, and powdery snow. Have you ever went snowboarding? Do you have a competitive brother or sister? If so you are just like Dondi and Freddie. Dondi being the older brother and Freddie the younger. They had been competitive with each other since day one, on and off the slopes. To their father, Papi, who has no job, this fighting is non-stop chaos. Freddie is the overall better boarder out of the two of them but Dondi is the biggest and strongest of the two. Freddie really likes a girl named Clarrissa. His brother finds out and starts going out with Clarissa just to annoy Freddie. This infuriates Freddie so he secretly sets up a competition for snowboarders so he can show Clarissa he is a better boarder than Dondi. Dondi ends up dropping out of the competition for downhill boarding. Freddie easily wins the competition. Then he is traveled by his brother to go down the biggest and baddest slopes on downhill snowboarding, Devil’s Ravine.  What will happen? Will Freddie or Dondi get hurt on the slope or will they come out in one piece? Find out by reading the book.

      The two brothers remind me of my sister and I, we are always competing. For example my family loves snow skiing and we race all the time to see who is better. You can ask my mom and dad. They will tell you how much we fight and I’m pretty sure my sister and I cause a lot of chaos around the house. But deep down we love each other just like Freddie and Dondi but they never really show it. Even though Freddie and Dondi fight a lot they still find a way to make up for it in the end just like my sister and I.

Rudy by Daniel Ruettiger: 281

I am reading Rudy by Daniel Ruettiger. The genre of this book is an auto-biography. Are you that one kid that hates school? Do you have a huge family? If you can relate to either of those things, you and Rudy are a lot alike. Rudy is just a small town boy stuck in the middle of a huge family of 14 children. They don’t have a lot a money so many of the kids have to share clothing.  Rudy himself absolutely hates school and ends up not graduating high school. His parents are not to happy with him. This took a toll on him and he had to work at a power plant. On a field trip to Notre Dame during his senior year a dream started. He wanted to work his way up to Notre Dame. But how? He had bad grades. Rudy decides to put that dream of to the side for a little bit and join the Navy. It turns out he has terrible sea sickness but, fights his way through it. His dream comes back and slaps him in the face with no warning. One day he was driving the ship and he asked the lieutenant if he thought Rudy could make it to Notre Dame. The lieutenant said absolutely. He left the Navy and went back home. By know he was in his twenties. He worked back at the power plant. When Rudy went to a Notre Dame game with his girlfriend he found an answer. The Holy Cross Collage. The Holy Cross Collage was just a little part of the collage that gave Rudy hope to make it into Notre Dame. He started taking classes at the Holy Cross Collage. They told Rudy that if he got all straight A’s he could make it to Notre Dame University. Will Rudy make it? Read the book to find out.

My favorite character is definitely Rudy. He seems like he would be a great guy to hang out with. He is also a dreamer that believes if you work hard you can accomplish your dreams. He also inspires me because of his dedication to stay in shape and get good grades. Man I wish I had that much dedication. Rudy also plays football which is one of my favorite sports to watch. I think it would be impossible to live with 13 other child. If I was in his shoes I would probably argue with a ton of my siblings but he managed to do it for 13-14 years of his life.

LeBron’s Dream Team By LeBron James and Buzz Bissinger: 100 pages so far- UPDATE 140

I am reading this biography about LeBron James called LeBron’s Dream Team By LeBron James and Buzz Bissinger. This novel is about how LeBron had to slowly climb his way through adversity to get to the top. You might think Lebron got to the NBA level just by being a great player. You would be wrong. LeBron’s mom gave birth to him when she was 16. So this meant she had to drop out of school and find a job to get money. She had to raise him on her own. They had to move several times do to her work problems until she finally started sending him with a family when she couldn’t be around. That’s when the team started to form. It started out with him,  a kid named Little Dru, a tall tough kid named Sian, and 4 other kids. The first year they qualified to go to Cocoa Beach for a tournament. They lost and got ranked ninth. After that year they were determined to get better with the added on talent of a kid named Willie. Are they going to get better or worse? What is going to happen next?

     I predict that they are going to become the team to beat. Their goal is to put Akron on the map and I think they are going to do that with ease or it could go the wrong way and they could have many horrible seasons. If that happens I think they will use it as motivation to be one of the best teams in youth basketball. They will all go to the same high school just to play basketball together. They are going to become a great team in high school and draw national attention.


My prediction was right. They are definitely the team to beat. Once they start winning they can’t be stopped. In their junior season they started getting a little cocky and thinking they could win every game. The dream team beats every team on their schedule in their junior so they are cocky going into their junior state championship. Lebron’s team thinks they can beat the opposing team with ease but are upset in a disappointing loss. This sends a message to the dream team that they can’t just sit around and hope they win they have to work hard to win. Everyone hates St. V. Every little chance they get they try to get into LeBron’s head. He is not allowed to play in a couple games just because they thought he did something. SPOILER ALERT! They finally accomplish their dream when they come in as brothers with unstoppable swag and beat the team with ease. This shows that if you work hard and dream something good will happen.

INSURGENT By Veronica Roth: 300 pgs so far- Update 250

    This thrilling science fiction novel is a great read. The book is called Insurgent By: Veronica Roth. If you are confused with the characters I am about to talk about read my blog about Divergent. Just imagine if you were being hunted down by people just because of who you are and not something you have done. Well that’s the situation Beatrice Prior and Tobias Eaton have to deal with. They have valuable information that the Erutide and Dauntless traitors desperately want. This is a chip that holds valuable information inside. Since the war in Abnegation Beatrice and Tobais had been on the move trying to get into the safe hands of the faction Amity with the people they had sent there earlier. Once they get there they take refugee until Erutide shows up and they are forced to run away. Tobias is reunited with his mom when they get to the factionless. It is not a happy meeting between the two. Tobias and Beatrice leave the factionless and head to the faction Candor. They are reunited with some of their friend. They are happy times until the Dauntless traitors attack them and inject many of them with a serum. They get back to Candor and Beatrice removes many of the needles from people. The question is, what is it going to do to them. If you read this book you will find out.

    I predict that there will be many other attack on the Candor/Good Dauntless and many people will die including Tobias. That they are underestimating the bads. The serum that they got injected with will do something no one expects. My overall prediction is that a whole heck of a lot of people are going to get killed. If that doesn’t happen then the goods and bad’s will have a war. The good people will win but many important people will be lost.


They are injected by a truth serum in Candor.  They have to get injected so the Candor can find out if they are telling the truth or not about the war. The truth serum forces Beatrice to say that she killed her friends boyfriend while her friend is in the room. My prediction is right. The leader of Candor thinks that the Erutide leader is going to just live them alone. He finds out other wise when he meets with one of her people and try to assassinate him. Beatrice knew something was wrong all along and saves the leader and chases the Candor leader down only to find out she is cornered. What will happen to them? READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT!

Divergent By Veronica Roth: 241(last reading challenge) + 247(current) = 487 pages total

     Divergent By Veronica Roth is my favorite novel so far. It is realistic fiction. This book is about a Abnegation girl named Beatrice who is sixteen and has to choose a faction (job for their life). Every sixteen year old boy and girl have to take a test to choose which faction they are in. Beatrice’s results were inconclusive and was told she was a Divergent. She was told not to tell anybody because this faction was very rare to get. At the choosing ceremony she chooses Dauntless (one crazy and dangerous factions). No one expected her to pick this. She then finds out how hard Dauntless people are on her. If you were last ranked then you were thrown out to be factionless.

     I predict that Beatrice is going to get in trouble and be on the edge of being thrown out of Dauntless. People will start finding out shes Divergent and something horrible is going to happen to her. If something horrible doesn’t happen then something good will happen. Something good like getting out of the Dauntless and doing awesome jobs as a Divergent. Will something horrible happen to Beatrice or will something good come out of being a Divergent? Will Beatrice survive the harshness of the Dauntless compound? Is she going to end up factionless? Read the book to find out!


     It turns out that one of the factions, Erutide wasn’t so good after all. During the Dauntless final test in there way of becomeing full time Dauntless they are injected with a serum. Everyone the next mornig wakes up the next morning cold blooded killers. Everyone except Beatrice due to her ability to manipulate simulations. She finds out about a couple other people that are like her (Divegent). She just acts like everyone else to see whats going on. It turns out they are going to Abnegation to exacute them. The Erutide find out her and her boyfriend, Four are Divergent and are forced to run. They then get caught. Will she get out of the situation? Will her boyfriend die? What will happen? Read the book and you will find out.

     My prediction was partly wrong and partly right. The wrong part is that she did not get kicked out of Dauntless. She actually starts getting better at everything. This meaning she is beginning to loose her fears of things and becoming a better fighter. As the book moves along her Divergencence becomes more and more dangerous to point where all the leaders want the Divergent people dead.  It turns out that Beatrice and other Divergent can somehow manipulate simmulations.

Hero: By Mike Lupica: 289

Hero by Mike Lupica is a thrilling book that you can not put down. It is science fiction book. Hero is about a young boy named Zach who’s father is one of the presidents secret agents. A tragedy happens and and his dad dies in a plane crash. Zach is petrified from his fathers death. Zach is determined to find out what happened to his father. He travels out to the crash site and meets an old man that appears from no where.The man disappears and Zach runs after him only to find out that he magically flew back home and this wasn’t a dream.  Suddenly after the visit to the crash site this old man keeps showing up when he least expects it. The old man teaches him how to fight the “Bads”.

If this book went on for another chapter I think Zach would go out to hunt for the ”Bads” because at the end of the book Zach sets off on a journey to hunt them down and destroy the “Bads”. Unfortunately he may get severely injured fighting the “Bads” all by himself. I also think the “Bads” will start to attack his friends and family’s and he will have to protect them. What will happen to Zach? Is Zach going to get in trouble? Does he use his powers to his advantage? Read the book to find out!

Mike Lupica’s Comeback Kids: Two Minute Drill- 180 Pages

The book I finished is called Mike Lupica’s Comeback Kids: Two Minute Drill by Mike Lupica. This book is a realistic fiction. This book is about a young kid named Scotty that just moved to a new town and has no friends. He has always had a dream of being a star football player but does not think he is good because of his clumsiness. Though he isn’t good in football he one of the brainiest kids in school. One day at school he gets bullied and all of his belongings get thrown on the ground by the bully. That is when he meets a kid named Chris Conlan. Chris stops the bully and soon Chris and Scotty become good friends.  There is a problem though Chris is a star football player and not smart at all where as Scooty is a great student but is very bad at football. They make a deal that they agree that if Chris helps Scotty better at football then Scotty will teach him things to help him with school. This helps Chris a lot but not so much Scooty in football. They are in the same team but Chris is on the starting team and Scotty is on the bench. Yet there coach doesn’t know about Scotty’s kicking abilities. It all comes down to there championship game. Will Scotts team when? What will happen? Will Scott cost them the game?

This book reminds me of when a new kid came to school and did not have much friends. So I went up to him and asked him about himself and it turned out we had a lot of things in common. We both tried out for football and made it. He was on the A team and I was on the B. I asked him for some tips and they helped me a lot to be a better player.